glassfibre composites recycling



Glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) was a 20th century miracle, but has become a 21st century problem. This problem starts when products reach their end of life stage, because there are no large scale solutions which we feel are responsible enough. Landfill and incineration in cement kilns are the way out for the blades of wind turbines, silo's, boats, airplanes and an endless list of other products.


Ceramics, concrete, steel and tropical wood are still the number one resources we turn to when it comes to manufacturing building and infra products. The footprint of these industries is enormous, and slowly but surely the availability of these resources is coming to an end.


Extreme Eco Solutions connects these two problems with one solution: we turn end of life GRP into everyday products. Garden tiles, building facades, filler material for (automotive) plastics or a retaining wall. Even as an additive during 3D printing or as a reinforcement for concrete, it's great to know that we can give even this difficult type of waste a very useful second life.







The circular character and sustainability of our concepts emerges on multiple levels:


-Blades and other GRP are saved form the cement kiln and landfill sites. We prevent this material from being pushed backwards to next generations.

-Decreased demand for natural resources and traditional materials.

-Each EES product is fully recyclable. Shredding them along with blades makes for new raw material for the next product.


But that's not all. We are able to implement our business everywhere by incorporating local industries for each step in the process. Local waste processed by local companies, manufactured and used locally. A healthy value chain with multiple benefits.