glassfibre composites recycling

                                                       Options and opportunities




Tiles can be customized to your desired specifications. Choose your colour, the degree of anti-slip, size and finish. The purpose of the tiles is important, we can adjust the weight when extra stability is needed for heavy traffic for example. The tiles have been tested by the Dutch Kiwa institute, the table below gives an impression of the strength. These tests are valid for formats up to 60x60 cm, but larger sizes are of course possible as well.


Wall siding panels are available in a range of colours. Fire proof, UV proof, and in any look you prefer because of an adjustable mould process: smooth and glossy, or in relievo, or in ay look architects think of. The panels can be tailor made to fit any type of framework or rail attachment.


Inside wall tiles for hallways or bathrooms: simple or design, high gloss or matt, in any format you desire. Please consult us too see if our blade based tiles can fulfill you wall covering needs.


We love the challenge of manufacturing "specials". These are items we haven't thought of before, but which could make you happy. From sinks and counter tops to sills and lamp holders, please let us know if your circular wishes could become reality.


Construction parts are a promising market, due to the strength and the light weight character of our products. Our profiles can be used in various ways, as river bank protection to an alternative for wooden or metal beams. We can offer you an alternative for concrete slabs and retaining walls. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.


Another option for which our blade material can be used is 3D printing. Glassfibre adds strength to plastic products, especially to recycled plastics. Printed products out of these materials will fit your sustainability goals like a glove. The range of products is virtually endless, from one off designer pieces to large series of simple everyday products against acceptable prices. Our experienced printing partners assure high quality and reliabilty.


Blade material is an excellent alternative for some of the fillers currently used in plastics, composites and concrete for example. Replacing dolomite with fine dust, or replacing virgin glass fibre in a variety of fraction sizes? Please contact us for more information and find out if our material can decrease your footprint.



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