About us

Paul Gramsma, CMO [1967]

Paul Gramsma - Extreme Eco Solutions

Paul Gramsma is a problem solving international manager, with over 25 years of experience. He is specialized in the management of complex organizations, where he is able to connect all the dots to create the perfect end product. Paul has been active for amongst others, Mexx, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger as product developer and quality consultant. Paul sees EES as a beautiful opportunity to start a new phase in his career, especially when he sees the impact which the procedure used by EES has on the environment and the reduction of CO2 emission.

E-mail: paul@extreme-ecosolutions.com
Phone: +31 6 5155 5856

Sebastiaan Verheijen, COO [1969]

Bas Verheijen - Extreme Eco Solutions

Sebastiaan Verheijen is a creative, enthusiastic and hands-on manager with over 20 years of experience in logistics. He has fulfilled multiple management functions for amongst others NedLloyd, Menzies World Cargo and CEVA Logistics. Sebastiaan has lots of experience in contracting and logistic management. Sebastiaan sees his new function as a challenge and opportunity, with which he hopes to add to the environment and the sustainability of the world.

E-mail: bas@extreme-ecosolutions.com
Phone: +31 6 2468 3315