More and more have we come to realize that a responsible way of waste disposal is a solid cornerstone for the sustainability ideals we all strive for. Over the past years huge progress has been accomplished in the way we process our waste, however a satisfying solution has not yet been found for all materials involved. This is highly the case for composite waste, which is proven by the fact that in Europe every year 300 million kilos of glassfibre reinforced plastic are still incinerated or landfilled.

You can encounter composites everywhere around you: they are used to fabricate leisure boats and they’re being used in racing cars, airplanes and trains as well. Other well known applications are waterslides, silos, swimming pools and the production of wind turbine blades. The material is light-weight and strong, and will last for dozens of years. General expectations are that the use of it will increase over the years to come, this is especially the case in regard to carbon fibre.

Extreme Eco Solutions has set itself the aim of playing a substantial role in passing on a cleaner planet to generations to come. That is why we are proud to add a new and spectacular chapter to sustainable waste processing, by introducing a revolutionary solution for the recycling of composites. The outcome of this solution is that we, together with our renowned research partner, are able to provide new base materials to the packaging and composite industry. Not only will this lead to a considerable CO2 reduction, it will also save on the use of fossile virgin materials.
Of course, waste disposal and processing is a business. That is why it’s equally important to mention that the revenues at the end of our process allow us to lower the gate fee’s for the intake of composites. Our tariffs are therefore far more friendly than what is generally charged for landfilling and incineration.

If you are looking for an innovative and green way to dispose of your composite waste, regardless being it production waste or end-of-life objects, be sure to take a look on our website for further details on our solutions. Feel free to check applications if you are interested in the end-products we have to offer.