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Re-tile: circular (ornamental) pavement and wall tiles

Composite is a combination of fibres and resin, the most well known most used is glass fibre in combination with polyester resin. Very recognizable are silo’s. windturbine blades and leisure boats. The material is a 20th century miracle because of it’s incredible strenghth and it’s low weight.

Silo made from composite material
Boat with composite hull Composite wind turbine blades

Composites however pose a serious 21th century problem. For end of life- as for post industrial waste, the only large scale solutions are landfill or incineration. Landfill means passing the problem on to future generations, and incineration can only take place in cement killns causing huge emissions of CO2 and a variety of gasses. Worldwide 10.000’s of windturbines have been commissioned, and of all them need to be dismantled over the coming years. The necessity for an acceptable solution is evident.

Extreme Eco Solutions presents Re-tile circular pavement and wall tiles. The basic material is shredded and grounded composite, supplemented with a binder. The tile are tested by Kiwa, are twice as strong as concrete and weigh less than 50% of regular tiles. Freedom in design, look and feel and colour is assured because of the mould process. Why does Re-tile contribute to circular goals?

- The concept reduces incineration, preventing carbon emmissions.
- It reduces the extraction and transport of natural resources in comparison to concrete, natural stone and ceramic pavement.
- The tiles are 100% recyclable, they will simply be added to the shredding process to form new basic material.
- Re-tile is light weight, causing a 50% drop in transport movements towards their destination. Once on site, far less heavy equipment can be used to handle the tiles. Next to that, back-saving characteristics will be welcomed by the workforce.